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The plan was to go to art school but I got diverted and spent 20 odd years playing the drums and keyboards in jazz and rock bands, touring, recording, writing. I played in the UK, Europe and around the world. I recorded an album with jazz/rock group Catapilla, wrote songs and produced and recorded music.

In 1989 I bought a big box of chalk pastels and enrolled in a life drawing class tutored by Laurie Rabson who had been at The RA Schools and was a tutor at Croydon College of Art. Laurie was a very skilled artist and an inspirational teacher - after he retired from formal teaching I continued to study with him privately and learnt much from his approach and way of seeing.

I continued with life studies for many years and continually rehearse my drawing skills, particularly with The Chapel Artist Group - a loose association of artists who meet on a weekly basis to practice painting and drawing.

I show my work in London and the South East of England in various galleries and exhibitions. Please contact me via the contact form with any enquiries about sales or commissions.

I paint landscapes in oils - places visited and places imagined. On this website there are two galleries, "Real" (Scenes from France, Sussex, Egypt, New Zealand, etc), and scenes from the imaginary world of Oputia, "Postcards From Oputia."

To learn more please click on the PAINTINGS LINK.

About Paintings

About Music

I write and record music, both songs and instrumentals. I am also making videos to accompany some of the music. 

To learn more please click on the MUSIC LINK.

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